Releasing is a powerful method which enables us to Let Go of limiting beliefs. We mostly don't even realise that we have so many limiting beliefs until we are shown how to find them. In my experience we mostly live our lives based on beliefs that we 'picked up' from our families our schools our culture etc. Many of these beliefs are helpful, however we also pick up many beliefs which hold us back, fill us with fear and keep us from even attempting to follow our dreams. The simple techniques used in the Release technique and The Sedona Method (two versions of Lester Levenson's work) teach us how to release those beliefs that are holding us back from living life to the full.

This year I have had amazing feedback from people who have found relief in so many areas of their lives:

"Having spent a lifetime struggling to pay my bills now this Christmas has been so easy and enjoyable all bills paid and still plenty to live with ease what a great beginning to 2016".

"My ability to deal with difficult family issues amazes me, situations which I believed were past solving are resolved I have no idea how this happened but things seem to sort themselves out since I began Letting Go".

These are just two of the great messages I received recently. It's such a joy to receive this feedback - it further confirms that this work is helping people. It really encourages me to keep sharing Lester's teaching and allow others to avail of this method. 

I share the Releasing method in workshops and in private sessions. For more information, contact me. 

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