Reconnective Healing

Testimonial One 

”Both sessions of my Reconnection were a really powerful, inexplicable experience.  In session 1 my arms moved involuntarily in large arcs at the sides & front of my body.  I could feel a very strong magnetic pull between my hands & forearms. It was fascinating to lie there & just wonder where they were next headed for!   At one point my two arms were stretched behind my head.  It felt like they were being pulled back & it puzzled me that the tips of my fingers seemed to be about three metres behind my head.  Throughout the session I felt repeated involuntary body jerks.  This was not disturbing in any way.  It felt more like I was ‘plugged in’ & being reconfigured.  My body felt really light & seemed to briefly start levitating.  I could not open my eyes or speak for about ten minutes after the session finished but I just knew this would pass.  I was exhausted & very cold & slept like a baby for eighteen hours.

During Session two my involuntary movements felt more gentle.  At one point I was convinced Ann touched my right ankle but she was actually standing behind my head at the time.  Toward the end of the session I felt like I was being rolled up longtitudinally like the leaves of tobacco in a cigar!  I felt very cold at the end of the session & passed so much urine that it seemed all my blood had been filtered very quickly.

Since my Reconnection I have far more energy, nothing is a problem, I feel far more interconnected with people & the environment. I do a Reconnective self-healing every day & still feel the same magnetic forces.” – J.N.

Testimonial Two

”Thanks again for the work you did with me over the past few months. I found the sessions very interesting and beneficial. The healing sessions were comfortable and relaxing. I didn’t know anything about this kind of healing, but it has turned out to be a really good and helpful experience for me.One thing really sticks in my mind from the healing sessions. I had hernia repair surgery about a year before you began healing me. A number of times during the sessions, I felt a gentle pressure on my abdomen just where the surgery had been done. Each time, I opened my eyes and was amazed to find that you were not touching me. The whole experience was gentle and pleasant and I had a feeling of being cared for and, well, yes, healed!

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