Tai Chi Classes

- New Online Classes in response to the current situation. 

- Mornings at 12am  A 30 minute T'ai Chi and relaxation Class Live on my Facebook page . TaiChiChuanCork

- Monday Evenings Beginners Mini Form Class 19:30 20:30 Live streamed from my "YouTube Channel  Ann Mc Ilraith Here is a link to an introduction to the Beginners Class https://youtu.be/mtZLJOKbhw0?t=1

- Tuesday Short Form Online  YouTube  Ann Mc Ilraith 2 levels 19:30-20:30 

- Thursday Right Side Long Form 19-19:30 and Short Form 19:30-20. Online YouTube Ann Mc ilraith

- Advanced Classes and Teacher Training are by invitation.

- For information on workshops and individual training sessions which are now available on Zoom get in touch, 

- You can read more about my work at ARC House Cancer Support here

- We have just completed our first Teacher Accreditation and will begin a new training in 2020.

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