Tai Chi Classes

New Online Classes in response to the current situation. 

Mornings at 12am  A 30 minute T'ai Chi and relaxation Class Live on my Facebook page . TaiChiChuanCork

Monday Evenings Beginners Mini Form Class 19:30 20:30 Live streamed from my "YouTube Channel  Ann Mc Ilraith Here is a link to an introduction to the Beginners Class https://youtu.be/mtZLJOKbhw0?t=1

Tuesday Short Form Online  YouTube  Ann Mc Ilraith 2 levels 19:30-20:30 

Thursday Right Side Long Form 19-19:30 and Short Form 19:30-20. Online YouTube Ann Mc ilraith

Advanced Classes and Teacher Training are by invitation.

For information on workshops and individual training sessions which are now available on Zoom get in touch,

You can read more about my work at ARC House Cancer Support here

We have just completed our first Teacher Accreditation and will begin a new training in 2020.

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